Binky Barnes, Art Expert is the first part of the second episode of season 2.  Binky Barnes, Art Expert aired on September 29, 1997.  It aired with the episode "Arthur's Lucky Pencil".


Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they think Binky will make them do all of the work. Binky wants to do the report on an abstract painting he believes is hanging sideways. To prevent humiliation, Arthur and Buster make an agreement with Binky to do separate reports. Buster and Arthur quickly makes a report of Frederic Remington, which was copied from the art museum's pamphlet. Ironically, Binky is the only one who does any of the work (and turns out to be correct about the painting hanging sideways) and the art teacher, Ms. Bryan, gives Arthur and Buster another report to be done by the next day.


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