Even though the Sugar Bowl is THE place to be, there's another important dessert place in town: the Ice Cream Shop! It's run by The Brain's family, and he often chips in, scooping ice cream and coming up with new flavors, like Calamari Crunch. As The Brain says (Buster, too, come to think of it), a town can never have too many ice cream places!  The Ice Cream Shop is runned by Mrs. Powers, while Mr, Powers run the store website.  You can some times see The Brain working at the front of the store.  In the episode Breezy Listening Blues the Ice Cream shop started to sell a mixed track of the customers favorite music.  In the episode The Wheel Deal, the store was not builded to allow wheelchairs into the shop, but by the end of the episode they improved the door way to allow all types of mobility.

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