There is 30 episodes for the first season, there is 20 episodes for the second season, 15 episodes for the third season and after that every season has 10 episodes each.  So far Arthur is on its 20th season, it is currently in progress.  TVO is has been currently showing up to season 15. As of fall of 2017, TVO has added episodes from season 20 so far.

Season 1Edit

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Title Original airdate
1 1-1 "Arthur's Eyes / Francine's Bad Hair Day" September 2, 1996
Arthur's Eyes: Arthur tells D.W. the story of how he got his glasses, and the teasing he received spearheaded by Francine.

Francine's Bad Hair Day: Muffy is confident that Francine can have the prettiest picture of all, following bad pictures from previous years. 

2 1-2 "Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn / Arthur's Spelling Trubble" September 9, 1996
Arthur and the Real Mr. Ratburn: Arthur and his friends are horrified when they learn that their third grade teacher will be the infamous Mr. Ratburn.

Arthur's Spelling Trubble: Arthur practices for the spelling bee and competes against Prunella (who was the last year's winner) and Alan (the Brain, the smartest kid in his class), respectively. 

3 1-3 "D.W. All Wet / Buster's Dino Dilemma" September 16, 1996
D.W. All Wet: The Reads go to the seashore to escape from the summer heat and everyone is having a wonderful time, except for D.W. who will not swim because she thinks there are octopi in the water.

Buster's Dino Dilemma: Buster and Arthur discover a fossilized dinosaur footprint and take it home, despite it being against site rules. 

4 1-4 "D.W.'s Imaginary Friend / Arthur's Lost Library Book" September 23, 1996
D.W.'s Imaginary Friend: When Arthur and Buster find out about a new amusement ride, they do not want D.W. to come along and embarrass them because she would bring Nadine along too.

Arthur's Lost Library Book: Everyone loves the Scare-Your-Pants-Off series and the new book is coming out. Arthur is the first to borrow it along with many other books at the same time, but when he collects the library books scattered around the house, he can't find the Scare-Your-Pants-Off book. 

5 1-5 "Arthur's Pet Business / D.W. the Copycat" October 7, 1996
Arthur's Pet Business: Arthur starts his own pet business to prove he is responsible, which includes watching over the unfriendly dog Perky.

D.W. the Copycat: D.W. starts acting and dressing like Arthur and following him around, even into the bathroom. Arthur's friends start excluding him because they do not want D.W. around. 

6 1-6 "Locked in the Library! / Arthur Accused!" October 14, 1996
Locked in the Library!: Francine is mad at Arthur for telling everyone she looks like a marshmallow. Mr. Ratburn assigns them to work together on a project about heroes and heroines. With Francine still mad at Arthur, they go to the library together the next day at 3:00 to research their project, but because they fall asleep quickly and accidentally stay overnight, they get locked in. As they try to find a way out, Francine and Arthur must put aside their grudges and learn to work together.

Arthur Accused!: Arthur is in charge of the fundraiser for the Elwood City Fire Department. He leaves a bag of quarters from the fundraiser for Mrs. McGrady, who is distracted by a phone conversation. When she does not receive the quarters, Arthur is accused of stealing all the raised money, resulting in him having a week of after school detention and missing the school picnic, and giving Buster his first case as a Private Eye. 

7 1-7 "Arthur Goes to Camp / Buster Makes the Grade" October 21, 1996
Arthur Goes to Camp: Arthur and his friends go to Camp Meadowcroak where everything is a competition between girls and boys.

Buster Makes the Grade: Buster is falling behind with his schoolwork and if he doesn't improve, he may have to repeat third grade. Arthur, Muffy, and Francine tutor him and help him study and he does well on the test. 

8 1-8 "Arthur's New Puppy / Arthur Bounces Back" October 28, 1996
Arthur's New Puppy: Arthur's new puppy, Pal is exactly what he wanted, but Arthur must train Pal to be a good dog or Pal will have to move out of the house.

Arthur Bounces Back: Arthur wants Moon Boots and tries different ways to get money to buy them. His mom gets him to clean the garage in exchange for $2. As he is cleaning it, Mrs. Tibble comes by, thinking there is a yard sale and buys a necklace, giving Arthur enough money to buy the Moon Boots. It turns out that the necklace is to be a gift from his Dad to Mom and he has to earn the necklace back by doing chores. 

9 1-9 "Arthur Babysits / Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe" November 4, 1996
Arthur Babysits: Arthur thinks that babysitting is the easiest job in the world until D.W. volunteers him to Tommy and Timmy Tibble.

Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe: Arthur's family is hosting a family reunion. Arthur spends his time avoiding his cousin Mo, and missing out on all the activities, because of experiences from past family reunions. 

10 1-10 "Arthur's Birthday / Francine Frensky, Superstar" November 11, 1996
Arthur's Birthday: Arthur and Muffy have their birthday parties on the same day and neither can change the date. Arthur comes up with a way to bring all his friends together for the birthday party.

Francine Frensky, Superstar: Francine has often had bad roles in school plays where she gets injured, and was unhappy with those roles. She finally gets a safer role as the lead, when Mr. Ratburn decides they will dramatize the story of Thomas Edison

11 1-11 "Arthur's Baby / D.W.'s Baby" November 18, 1996
Arthur's Baby: Arthur and D.W.'s mom is pregnant with their baby sister Kate. Arthur is nervous, wondering what it would be like to have a new baby in the house. When the baby does come, he is worried that the baby hates him, as she always seems to cry when he is around.

D.W.'s Baby: Arthur tells D.W how she acted when Kate was born, starting after Kate was brought home for the first time in "Arthur's Baby". D.W. is excited but frustrated when she does not get to help with Kate. Kate's crib is moved into D.W.'s room but D.W. soon finds drawbacks to sharing a room with a baby. D.W. soon becomes jealous over the attention Kate is getting. She tries to get rid of Kate. When that does not work, she runs away thinking the family doesn't need her. 

12 1-12 "Arthur Writes a Story / Arthur's Lost Dog" November 25, 1996
Arthur Writes a Story: Arthur needs to write a story for homework, so he decides to write about how he got Pal. He is afraid that no one will like his story after D.W. informs him that it is boring. He begins fictionalizing the events and revising his story using advice from different people, as he tries to write a good story.

Arthur's Lost Dog: It is Downtown Day in Elwood City and the Reads are downtown attending the event. They pass a clown carrying balloons and Kate begins crying because she wants a balloon from the clown. Nobody in the family but Pal knows that. Pal runs off after a clown to get a balloon, but Arthur thinks he is running away from him. 

13 1-13 "So Long, Spanky / Buster's New Friend" December 2, 1996
So Long, Spanky: D.W.'s pet bird dies. She leaves a can of flowers on Spanky's grave after his funeral but finds a toad in there. Arthur takes her to the pet store to buy a new pet to replace Spanky, but they do not find one. The toad reappears several more times, following D.W., but she hates the toad since it will not leave her alone. When it does not reappear, she realizes that she misses it.

Buster's New Friend: Arthur and Buster are doing a project together, but Buster does not seem to have the time for the project or for Arthur or anyone else. All he does is talk about his new friend Mike. Arthur decides to return everything related to Buster. At Buster's house they become friends again and he finds out Mike is a teenager, who drives a car and was hired by Buster's Mom so that Buster can have a "male role model". 

14 1-14 "Arthur the Wrecker / Arthur and the True Francine" December 9, 1996
Arthur the Wrecker: Arthur is addicted to a new computer game, Deep Dark Sea, playing even when he should not. When he gets to a new area he is excited about, he calls up Buster. When it appears that they have broken the computer, they look for Brain to help them fix it, but he cannot find the problem. Eventually, Mom fixes the computer and gets hooked on Deep Dark SeaNote: An alternate title for this episode is Arthur's Computer Adventure.

Arthur and the True Francine: Muffy and Francine were best friends since second grade, when Muffy was a new student. This episode is a flashback from that time. This particular memory is when Muffy and Francine decide to study together for an upcoming math test, but Muffy continually procrastinates, claiming that she knows her addition and subtraction. When the test day comes, Muffy cheats off of Francine's test and claims that she would never cheat, getting Francine into trouble which almost costs her her friendship with Francine. Francine is punished and has to stay after school, but she is needed to defeat Mighty Mountain in a softball game. Muffy tells the truth and it gets Francine out of trouble and the girls become friends. 

15 1-15 "Arthur's Family Vacation / Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm" December 16, 1996
Arthur's Family Vacation: Arthur wants to go back to Camp Meadowcroak with Buster for the summer and tries to get out of the family vacation to the beach. He changes his mind with the mention of lobster and after several impediments, they finally make it to the beach. But owing to an accident with D.W.'s inflatable shark, they lose their hotel reservation and end up staying in a leaky, rundown room, with a swimming pool no bigger than an average bathtub. Things eventually start to get better.

Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm: Arthur and D.W. go to visit their Grandpa Dave who lives on an old rundown farm. The farm has been in the family for 150 years and Grandpa Dave does not want help running it. Arthur and D.W. are concerned by the state of things and try to help him fix up the farm with the help of one Grandpa Dave's friends. 

16 1-16 "Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest / D.W. Flips" January 6, 1997
Arthur and the Crunch Cereal Contest: Arthur finds an entry form for a jingle writing contest for Crunch Cereal and he is determined to win the year's supply of Crunch Cereal. He starts a band with some of his friends, Mrs. McGrady and Grandma Thora, but he has nothing for them to play. Without a tune, he hears D.W. singing a song about Nadine and copies it. He feels guilty later, so he mails it with D.W.'s name instead of his.

D.W. Flips : D.W. wants to take gymnastics class after seeing a gymnast on television, but her mom gives several examples of D.W. never finishing what she wants to do. She gets her way and goes to her first class. Emily is there and D.W. does not like her because she seems to do everything perfectly. D.W. is determined to be better than her. At the end of the episode, Emily and D.W become best friends. 

17 1-17 "Meek for a Week / Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper" January 13, 1997
Meek for a Week: Muffy dares Francine to be nice to everyone for a whole week and she can not tell anyone why she is being nice. Arthur and his friends are worried when Francine starts acting nice for no apparent reason and are worried she may "pop" if she continues bottling up her anger. They try fruitlessly to diffuse her.

Arthur, World's Greatest Gleeper: Arthur and Buster sit at the only available table with the Tough Customers. Buster claims that Arthur is the world's greatest "gleeper" to stop the teasing, only to find out later that "gleep" means "steal". Arthur lets the lie grow into a school-wide rumor. 

18 1-18 "Arthur's Chicken Pox / Sick as a Dog" January 20, 1997
Arthur's Chicken Pox: Arthur gets chicken pox. D.W. is jealous of the attention and extra freedom he gets while Grandma Thora is taking care of him.

Sick as a Dog: Pal eats things other than dog food, including pancakes, gummy worms, and hot dogs. Because of this, he gets ill. Arthur thinks D.W. had something to do with it since she always hated Pal. 

19 1-19 "D.W. Rides Again / Arthur Makes the Team" January 27, 1997
D.W. Rides Again: D.W. gets a new bike and needs to learn how to use it. Arthur teaches her the basics and she learns to ride by herself without training wheels in time for the bike-a-thon.Arthur Makes the Team: Arthur and his friends are trying out for the baseball team and everyone wants to be the pitcher. Arthur makes the team but he is the worst player. Arthur and Francine, who can not pitch, work together to improve their baseball skills. 
20 1-20 "Arthur's Almost Boring Day / The Half-Baked Sale" February 3, 1997
Arthur's Almost Boring Day: Arthur and his friends are assigned to write about what they do over the weekend, but it rains and ruins plans. Arthur and D.W. are sent over to Grandma Thora's. Without anything better to do, they help her clean out her attic and find some interesting things, including old home movies and comic books.

The Half-Baked Sale: Grandma Thora is a poor cook. When she decides to bake cookies for a bake sale, Arthur and D.W. try to think up ways to stop her bad cooking from ruining it. Arthur decides to buy all of her cookies before anyone else can and hide them. But when Mr. Morris is injured by the cookies hidden in the janitor's closet, Arthur and D.W. have to tell the truth. As it turns out, Grandma Thora is not upset because she knows she is still a great family member. 

21 1-21 "Sue Ellen Moves In / The Perfect Brother" February 10, 1997
Sue Ellen Moves In: Rumors are circulating about the new family that has moved in and Buster thinks that they may be art thieves, spies or aliens, even after he meets Sue Ellen. When Buster's mom invites Sue Ellen over for dinner, he finds out that Sue Ellen is not an alien, but just a kid who has lived in various places around the world.

The Perfect Brother: The Brain is spending the weekend with the Reads because his parents are going to an ice cream convention. Arthur thinks this will be like having a brother around, but the Brain is neat, finishes his homework early, and reads to D.W., making Arthur look bad. However, Arthur discovers that the Brain is not so neat when the Brain invites Arthur over. 

22 1-22 "D.W.'s Snow Mystery / Team Trouble" February 17, 1997
D.W.'s Snow Mystery: D.W. kept a snowball in the freezer from the best day of her life, but it is missing. Buster, as a detective, investigates, listening to biased accounts of those present the day the snowball disappeared. They argue and accuse each other but everyone, except D.W., lets the incident go as the first snowfall of the year appears.

Team Trouble: Arthur, Buster and Francine are assigned to do a group project on Ancient Rome. They discuss how they are going to do the project, each coming up with their own idea and eventually decide to draw a comic book. Each has their own idea of what to draw and after a failure to communicate have a mis-matched comic book. They argue over this and finally realize that they need to work together to finish the project. 

23 1-23 "Bully for Binky / Misfortune Teller" February 24, 1997
Bully for Binky: Binky has a reputation for being a bully. He bullies Sue Ellen, who is still a new student ("Sue Ellen Moves In"), and she demands that he apologize. When he does not, she challenges him to a fight to settle it. He gets nervous when he finds out she knows Tae Kwon Do. He decides to beat her at music but loses, so he apologizes to her so they would not have to fight.

Misfortune Teller: For her half-birthday, Prunella's older sister, Rubella, gives her a cootie catcher. Rubella claims that it can tell the future and the answers it gives do come true. Arthur and his friends begin following the advice of the cootie catcher. When the cootie catcher goes missing and turns up ruined by the washing machine, Arthur and his friends realize that they do not need the cootie catcher to run their lives. 

24 1-24 "Arthur's Tooth / D.W. Gets Lost" March 3, 1997
Arthur's Tooth: Arthur has a loose tooth, but he is the only one in his class that has not lost any of his baby teeth yet. He unsuccessfully tries various ways to get it out so that Francine would stop calling him a baby. He is happy, however, when his tooth eventually falls out.

D.W. Gets Lost: D.W. wants earrings because her friend, Emily, has earrings. She asks her mom and dad, but they claim her ears will turn green. After D.W.'s persistence, Mrs. Read takes D.W. shopping for earrings only if she approves of them. While at the superstore, D.W. wanders off when her mom is distracted. 

25 1-25 "D.W. Thinks Big / Arthur Cleans Up" March 10, 1997
D.W. Thinks Big: At Aunt Lucy's wedding, Arthur is the ringbearer and their dramatic diva cousin Cora is the flower girl, but D.W. is too little to do anything. However, when the wedding ring gets lost in the pipe organ at the wedding, D.W.'s size helps her.

Arthur Cleans Up: Arthur and Buster are playing frisbee in the park when their frisbee lands in a polluted fountain. Arthur's dad overhears Arthur and Buster talking about the park and Arthur involuntarily becomes the leader of a cleanup crew of kids. Arthur's friends are not pleased with the idea after their parents had been informed and do not help him. This gets worst as Pal almost chokes on a piece of litter. With the help of Francine's dad, Mr. Frensky, and a few volunteers, they manage to clean up the park. 

26 1-26 "My Dad, the Garbage Man / Poor Muffy!" April 21, 1997
My Dad, the Garbage Man: Mr. Ratburn's class is going on field trips to several of the students' parents at work to learn about careers. Francine is embarrassed by her dad's job as a garbage man.

Poor Muffy!: Muffy is allergic to the new carpets in her house, so she decides to stay with Francine while the carpeting is being removed. She brings with her some of the things from her room including televisions, wardrobes, and sculptures. During Muffy's stay, Francine cannot deal with Muffy's spoiled attitude and Muffy cannot handle the less-than-wealthy condition in which Francine's family lives. 

27 1-27 "D.W.'s Blankie / Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble" April 28, 1997
D.W.'s Blankie: D.W. can not find her blankie and enlists the help of Arthur to search for it, retracing her steps over Elwood City.

Arthur's Substitute Teacher Trouble: Mr. Ratburn loses his voice and his sister, Miss Rodentia Ratburn, substitutes for him. She has them doing things such as reciting the one times table, reading words like "dog" and "cat" and assigning no homework. The class are excited at first, as they were sick and tired of Mr. Ratburn's unbelievably difficult classes, but they soon become bored. The class are glad when Mr. Ratburn returns the next day.

28 1-28 "I'm a Poet / The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club!" May 19, 1997
I'm a Poet: Fern is the only person who volunteers to enter the Poetry Competition, which is to be judged by the famous poet Jack Prelutsky. The others think poetry is uncool, and start making fun of her. Fern reveals a new side to her quiet character, and challenges them all to write poems for the competition. If they do not succeed, they will be roped into a year's membership of the school Poetry Club. Jack Prelutsky guest stars as himself.

The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club!: When their favorite series of books is banned from the library by a parental organization who believe scary books are bad for children, Arthur and his friends get together a petition to get them back — all except Muffy that is, as it turns out her father is a leading figure in the parental group. 

29 1-29 "My Club Rules / Stolen Bike" May 26, 1997
My Club Rules: Arthur and his friends create a club to stop D.W. from bothering them. When they can not agree on the rules of their club the club splits. This leads to more disagreements and more clubs created. They eventually come back together, under D.W.

Stolen Bike: Francine's bike is too small for her so her dad finds his old bike for her, except she is embarrassed by the rusty old bike. She hides it and pretends it is stolen. The bike then gets thrown out and Francine is mortified. 

30 1-30 "Arthur's First Sleepover / Arthur's New Year's Eve" June 2, 1997
Arthur's First Sleepover: Arthur has a sleepover with Buster and Brain, even with all the talk of UFOs. D.W. wants to join them so that she can take a picture of a UFO. The boys do not agree. D.W. plays a prank on the boys with fake UFOs in retaliation and vice versa.

Arthur's New Year's Eve: Arthur has never stayed up until midnight on New Year's Eve. His friends all have their theories on what occurs when the new year comes. Among the ideas are a green flash, a wrestling match and the calendar police. Arthur tries to stay up until New Year's Eve to find out what really happens at midnight. 

Season 2Edit

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Title Original airdate
31 2-1 "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers / Draw!" September 22, 1997
Arthur Meets Mister RogersMisterFred Rogers is visiting Mr. Ratburn's class and staying at Arthur's house. Arthur is scared of telling anyone that he's staying because his friends believe that his TV show is for younger kids.

Draw!: When Francine offends Fern, Fern draws a comic humiliating Francine, which everyone finds amusing. Other comics about Francine are drawn. During the school carnival, those teasing Francine are convinced by Mrs. McGrady to dump green slime on Francine. As they prepare to do so, they notice how much they hurt Francine. Meanwhile, Miss Tingley tries to avoid Miss Sweetwater and Mr. Haney, both of which want her to take part in their acts. 

32 2-2 "Binky Barnes, Art Expert / Arthur's Lucky Pencil" September 29, 1997
Binky Barnes, Art Expert: Arthur and Buster have to work with Binky on an art report, but they think Binky will make them do all of the work. Binky wants to do the report on an abstract painting he believes is hanging sideways. To prevent humiliation, Arthur and Buster make an agreement with Binky to do separate reports. Buster and Arthur quickly makes a report of Frederic Remington, which was copied from the art museum's pamphlet. Ironically, Binky is the only one who does any of the work (and turns out to be correct about the painting hanging sideways) and the art teacher, Ms. Bryan, gives Arthur and Buster another report to be done by the next day.

Arthur's Lucky Pencil: After several days of bad luck, Arthur feels he is "cursed" until he finds a pencil. Suddenly, his pencil starts to change his luck: it buys him a free soda, better school lunches, and soon his friends all want to use it. Arthur then notices his pencil getting smaller as he and his friends use it, so he agrees to not let anyone use it not even himself. He soon realizes he doesn't need the pencil anymore. 

33 2-3 "D.W. the Picky Eater / Buster and the Daredevils" October 6, 1997
D.W. the Picky Eater: D.W. won't eat anything other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. At a restaurant, she throws a fit over eating spinach for dinner. Arthur and his friends come up with some ideas to get her to try new foods. At the end of the episode, D.W. discovers she likes spinach.

Buster and the Daredevils: Arthur and Buster befriend two daredevils and try to ascertain their skating tricks. Buster begins to follow what they say and Arthur that they're making a fool out of himself for their own amusement. 

34 2-4 "Arthur Makes a Movie / Go to Your Room, D.W." October 13, 1997
Arthur Makes a Movie: Arthur and his friends are too young to watch a James Hound movie, so they decide to make their own James Hound movie. Although the movie does not come out as planned, they have fun filming it.

Go to Your Room, D.W.: D.W. grows impatient when she must serve a punishment in her room for 10 minutes after threatening to pinch Kate. 

35 2-5 "Arthur's Underwear / Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider" October 20, 1997
Arthur's Underwear: Arthur can't stop laughing after Binky accidentally rips his pants in class, but then, he is having nightmares where he does not have any pants. He tells Buster about this, who tells everyone else, which embarrasses him. Inevitably, Arthur does rip his pants and has to deal with the fact that everyone gets embarrassed.

Francine Frensky, Olympic Rider: Francine goes for horse riding lessons and her sister, Catherine, has to take her there. Catherine decides to take lessons too and becomes better than Francine. Feeling overshadowed by Catherine, Francine thinks about quitting but returns and agrees to let Catherine be her riding teacher. 

36 2-6 "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver / Play it Again, D.W." October 27, 1997
Buster Baxter, Cat Saver: Buster gets a cat down from a tree with his ice cream and his mother publishes a story on it. When people start calling him a hero, he lets it go to his head and he starts acting supercilious (i.e. cutting everyone in line for a new movie, and getting away with it) and retells the story with exaggerated details. Arthur, Francine, and the Brain make a fool out of Buster to humble him, but he ends up saving Arthur and Francine from a runaway piano.

Play it Again, D.W.: D.W. is still playing her "Crazy Bus" CD (since "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver") and Arthur is absolutely annoyed by it, even going to threaten her that he will break it. When the CD goes missing, D.W. and the others blame it on Arthur. At the end of the episode, it turns out that their dad accidentally took D.W.'s CD to a party. 

37 2-7 "Arthur's TV-Free Week / Night Fright" November 3, 1997
Arthur's TV-Free Week: Arthur and his friends sign a petition at school to survive one week without television. Everyone tries to resist the temptation of TV while they go through their week. Buster signs up for TV-Free week, but gets frustrated when he wants to watch Bionic Bunny.

Night Fright: Binky has a night light and tries to go without it when Arthur has to stay over because Arthur's parents are stuck out of town. Binky goes through another nightmare and that's when Arthur finds out about it. He believes Arthur will tell everyone his secret, though he is not particularly interested. Even so, he eventually gets the courage to tell everyone before Arthur does in class. 

38 2-8 "Arthur vs. the Piano / The Big Blow-Up" November 10, 1997
Arthur vs. the Piano: Arthur's music class has a recital on Friday and everyone except for Arthur is worried and practicing. Arthur is confident that he knows everything well enough until a nightmare makes him worry that he may miss a note.

The Big Blow-Up: Francine and the Brain have a dispute over soccer practice that carries into class and through the next soccer match. They may not make the playoffs if it continues. Arthur and Buster use D.W.'s idea of writing an early letter to Santa to resolve things between Francine and the Brain with fake apology letters. 

39 2-9 "Lost! / The Short, Quick Summer" December 8, 1997
Lost!: After school, Arthur is supposed to take the bus to the public pool for his swimming lesson, but he falls asleep on the bus and misses his stop. Then Arthur ends up at the edge of town but luckily, the bus driver helps him find his way home for free. Note: An alternate title for this episode is Arthur Gets Lost.

The Short, Quick Summer: Arthur loses a to-do list he planned for the summer, but the first day of school is quickly approaching. As summer ends, he feels upset that his friends did fun things and he didn't. But on the last day of summer vacation, Arthur finds his list and realizes he did everything on the list. 

40 2-10 "D.W. Goes to Washington / Arthur's Mystery Envelope" December 15, 1997
D.W. Goes to Washington: The Reads go to Washington, D.C. over a holiday vacation. They tour the popular landmarks and at the White House, but D.W. abruptly separates from the tour group and meets the President.

Arthur's Mystery Envelope: Mr. Haney gives an envelope to Arthur to give to his mom. Arthur is worried about the contents of the envelope, thinking that it's a negative report about him, so he comes up with a way of giving it to his mom without her opening it. As it turns out, the letter was paperwork for his mother that had nothing to do with him and he is relieved that he had nothing to worry about. 

41 2-11 "D.W.'s Deer Friend / Buster Hits the Books" January 19, 1998
D.W.'s Deer Friend: The Reads spend the weekend camping and D.W. befriends a deer. She names him Walter and wants to take him home but learns that it's wrong to take away an animal from its habitat. WARNING: This episode will make everyone feel jinxed. Like the part when Walter cries.

Buster Hits the Books: Buster needs to write a book report, but he has never managed to finished a book. The slightest thing Buster did to completing a book were movies he believed that were adaptations. His friends try to find a book that is easy for him to read. 

42 2-12 "Arthur's Faraway Friend / Arthur and the Square Dance" January 28, 1998
Arthur's Faraway Friend: Arthur and Buster start writing their own adventure book based on Robin Hood, but it gets sidetracked when Buster is leaving for a couple of months with his pilot father.

Arthur and the Square Dance: Arthur and Francine's friends think that they are in love with each other, leading both of them to think the other is in love. The two avoid each other because they are afraid of getting cooties and end up solving the problem. 

43 2-13 "Water and the Brain / Arthur the Unfunny" February 7, 1998
Water and the Brain: Muffy is throwing a party at a water park and everyone is invited but Brain refuses to go. Arthur and Binky discover that the Brain is afraid of water and try to help him get over this fear so he can go to Muffy's party. Arthur the Unfunny: In a letter to Buster, Arthur tells him about how he was determined to be too hopelessly unfunny to be a clown and how he discovered he can be funny using the piano at Muffy's carnival. 
44 2-14 "Sue Ellen's Lost Diary / Arthur's Knee" February 14, 1998
Sue Ellen's Lost Diary: Sue Ellen loses her diary in the library. Muffy, Francine, Binky, and Arthur find it, and are thinking that it contains her opinions about them and whether to open it or return it unread.

Arthur's Knee: Arthur accidentally hurts his knee at the dump while retrieving a wheel to repair his school project. He hides the injury and makes D.W. promise not to tell anyone because he wasn't allowed to go to the dump. 

45 2-15 "Grandma Thora Appreciation Day / Fern's Slumber Party" March 9, 1998
Grandma Thora Appreciation Day: Arthur and D.W. feel sorry for Grandma Thora because she doesn't have cable TV, can't eat any good snacks, and has to keep her teeth in a glass. So they plan a surprise party for her, but they struggle to make things work and they don't want any help planning the party. Fern's Slumber Party: Fern's mother wants her to host her own slumber party to help Fern make friends. The girls she invites think Fern is boring and they bring their own games. But when Francine's bracelet goes missing, Fern shocks the girls with her detective skills. 
46 2-16 "Love Notes for Muffy / D.W. Blows the Whistle" March 16, 1998
Love Notes for Muffy: The Brain and Francine use fake love notes to get vengeance against Muffy after her science project gets more credit. Their joke has unintended consequences and they must fix it before things get worse.

D.W. Blows the Whistle: D.W.'s overzealous safety patrolling and whistle blowing is pestering everyone. Arthur and his friends try to stop her from attending the upcoming soapbox race. Arthur must bring her to the race and D.W. climbs a tree and they call 911 to help her come down. 

47 2-17 "Francine Redecorates / Arthur the Loser" March 23, 1998
Francine Redecorates: Francine and her older sister, Catherine, have had enough of sharing a room with each other. Catherine moves out to the family living room, leaving Francine alone with their old room. They both struggle with adjusting to their new environments and later decide to compromise with each other as Catherine moves back.

Arthur the Loser: Arthur has a losing streak going on when he continues to be dominated in the new No Guessing board game and other things as well, so he resorts to cheating to win. His friends are annoyed by his "sore winner" attitude and use Binky to make Arthur lose, because Binky has no doubt about cheating. Arthur then gives up because he images Buster telling him what to do. Subsequently, he tells this to a letter to Buster and he is baffled. 

48 2-18 "Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard / D.W.'s Very Bad Mood" April 27, 1998
Arthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard: Arthur and the Brain confront a new crossing guard who will charge 10 dollars every time someone crosses the street. They try to figure out ways to avoid him.

D.W.'s Very Bad Mood: D.W. has been very upset and angry for several days straight. Francine and Arthur spy on D.W. and they discover that she is upset over not being invited to a classmate's birthday party. That was after D.W. gets punished. 

49 2-19 "D.W.'s Name Game / Finders Key-pers" May 18, 1998
D.W.'s Name Game: Arthur and D.W. poke fun at each other, with the aid of a thesaurus. After Arthur calls by her real first name, D.W. has a nightmare and learns that calling people names can really hurt them.

Finders Key-pers: Arthur, Binky, and the Brain find a key in the grass while looking for a baseball. They each think it is for something they would like and argue over who gets to keep the key before they find out what it's really used for. 

50 2-20 "How the Cookie Crumbles / Sue Ellen's Little Sister" May 25, 1998
How the Cookie Crumbles: Muffy is having difficulty coming up with a recipe so her friends make a joke recipe, which turns out to taste delicious and she takes all of the credit. Her friends are angry and refuse to be friends with Muffy until she gives them the credit for helping her.

Sue Ellen's Little Sister: Sue Ellen feels left out about not having a sibling, so she opts for one of her friends, but they each have their flaws. She learns about the dangers of having a younger sibling and later, she gets a letter from a boy named "Tenzin" living in Tibet who is her pen pal or de facto brother. 

Season 3Edit

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Title Original airdate
51 3-1 "Buster's Back / The Ballad of Buster Baxter" September 21, 1998
Buster's Back: Buster returns to Elwood City and Arthur is excited. However, he is afraid that Buster has changed too much, so he reads up on all the places Buster has visited.

The Ballad of Buster BaxterArt Garfunkel guest stars as a moose with a guitar who sings about Buster's return to Elwood City. Buster is surprised by how much has changed and feels left out because of the things he didn't get to experience while he was away. Arthur decides to throw a surprise party for him. 

52 3-2 "D.W., All Fired Up / I'd Rather Read It Myself" September 28, 1998
D.W., All Fired Up: D.W. is scared of the upcoming fire drill in her preschool, so her family name her a fire warden and run fire drills in their house.

I'd Rather Read It Myself: D.W. wants to prove to the Tibble twins that she can read so she picks up one of Arthur's books and makes up a story. The Tibbles are impressed as she references events from the last two seasons into a sci-fi/fantasy adventure story about D.W. (called B.W. in the story). 

53 3-3 "Arthur Goes Crosswire / Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous" October 5, 1998
Arthur Goes Crosswire: Arthur and Muffy are paired up for a class project but Arthur starts to follow her footsteps, so it's up to Buster and the others to turn Arthur back to himself.

Sue Ellen and the Brainasaurous: Sue Ellen and the Brain are assigned to work on a project together. The others say it will be easy as Brain does almost all of the work by himself. Sue Ellen wants to help, but the Brain refuses to let her. This turns into a struggle that nearly ruins their project. (Note:Both episodes take place at the same time as they all have the same project) 

54 3–4 "Background Blues / And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids" October 12, 1998
Background Blues: The class is asked to research their ancestors. Muffy and Francine try to best one another with who their ancestors were, even after each find nothing interesting. Even though Muffy is eventually caught lying about her ancestors, Francine continues with her lie.

And Now Let's Talk to Some Kids: The Magic Toolbox show is coming to Ratburn's class to put the kids on television. The kids prepare for stardom, all practicing their various talents. Brain is the only one with no interest in appearing on the show, but when it turns out that the segment is not what the other kids wanted, they need Brain's assistance. 

55 3–5 "The Chips are Down / Revenge of the Chip" November 2, 1998
The Chips are Down: Arthur and Buster trick D.W. into thinking that the big, green potato chip she ate was poisonous. Binky eats one, too, and the both of them make the best out the last days of their lives.

Revenge of the Chip: D.W. does not like to be reminded of her being tricked into thinking that the green chip she ate was poisonous. Throughout the day, all of the kids and adults tease D.W.'s incident. D.W. is furious that this went public, and blames Arthur but finds out it was their mom who told other people. Her mom apologizes for embarrasing her, and D.W. apologizes for blaming Arthur, but D.W. is upset again and runs off when her mom inadvertently tells the story to someone else. 

56 3–6 "Binky Rules / Meet Binky" November 9, 1998
Binky Rules: When graffiti stating "Binky Rules" mysteriously appears on the walls of the school, the faculty thinks that Binky was responsible for it. Buster and Fern, who are well known for being good detectives, attempt to prove that Binky did not do it. After more investigating, they realize that the graffiti was done by a radio station to promote a band called Binky, who sung the song. The episode features a song performed by Värttinä.

Meet Binky: Binky, the unknown band, has their first concert at Elwood City. Arthur gets to visit them backstage and struggles with whether or not he should bring his friends along and decides to bring them. The gang get to meet Binky backstage because Arthur's father is catering for them. When they meet Binky, they realize that they are actually holograms. 

57 3–7 "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon / Dad's Dessert Dilemma" November 16, 1998
Arthur Rides the Bandwagon: Arthur does not approve of a new toy called the Woogle, but when everyone else has a Woogle, he tries to get one. Frustrated after several failed attempts, he starts playing with a bottle cap and starts a new fad.

Dad's Dessert Dilemma: Arthur brings a cake his dad made to a party in Mr. Ratburn's class celebrating Galileo's birthday. Everyone gives positive feedback about the cake so Arthur asks his dad to make more, but this makes his dad run behind on his other orders. A subplot has Mr. Ratburn attempting to get Dad's cake by pretending to try to give anyone who is having cake a schedule of Spring Reading, but his final attempt does not work when it turns out that Arthur and dad are not having cake; they are making cakes for other people. 

58 3–8 "Popular Girls / Buster's Growing Grudge" December 7, 1998
Popular Girls: Francine inadvertently takes Catherine's backpack to the community center and discovers a magazine called "Popular Girl". After taking a personality quiz, Sue Ellen and Fern change their personalities to be more likable.

Buster's Growing Grudge: Buster has never been mad at anyone for long, but he holds a grudge against Binky for telling a joke in class. This culminates to an onstage rant during a school talent show and Arthur tries to console him after taking it too far. 

59 3–9 "Arthur's Treasure Hunt / The Return of the King" January 4, 1999
Arthur's Treasure Hunt: After Buster finds an arrowhead in his backyard, Arthur wants to dig around his house to see what he can find. When he gets too involved, he starts digging but makes too many places to dig. He and D.W. find an old box of digestive biscuits.

The Return of the King: Mr. Ratburn's class is at a medieval fair competing for a trophy against a very intelligent class from Glenbrook led by Mr. Ratburn's former teacher, Mr. Pryce-Jones. During the competitions, Arthur is sidetracked by the sword in the stone and Mr. Ratburn's class fear that Mr. Pryce-Jones may replace him if they continue their losing streak. 

60 3–10 "Attack of the Turbo Tibbles / D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy" January 11, 1999
Attack of the Turbo Tibbles: The Tibble twins watch a TV show that is not suitable for them and start dressing and acting like the characters they've seen there: a duo of crime-fighting robots. They play roughly while pretending to fight crime and end up hurting D.W..

D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy: D.W. wants a tooth pulled out so that she can get money from the tooth fairy. When her plans do not work, she sets up a devious plan: trick the Tooth Fairy with a fake tooth. Arthur then tries to replace the tooth with his money. 

61 3–11 "Double Tibble Trouble / Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival" February 8, 1999
Double Tibble Trouble: Tommy Tibble is sad and less active because Timmy is sick. Although D.W. and Emily would like to have the Tibbles less hyperactive, they try to help Tommy out by playing like a Tibble, but they are not as hyperactive as the twins.

Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival: Arthur and all of his friends have an imaginary music festival featuring them in songs based on their lives, themselves, and the library. Features the songs Library CardJekyll and HydeLeftovers Goulash, and Homework from the 'Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape)' soundtrack record. 

62 3–12 "What Scared Sue Ellen? / Clarissa is Cracked" March 15, 1999
What Scared Sue Ellen?: Sue Ellen is one of the bravest people in the 3rd grade, but is frightened by a mysterious howl in the woods which she thinks is a Baba Yagakappa or banshee. She enlists the help of Arthur, Buster, and Binky to investigate the ruckus.

Clarissa is Cracked: D.W. borrows Grandma Thora's porcelain doll, Clarissa, and she cracks the doll before Grandma Thora stops by the house for a visit. Arthur asks Mr. Ratburn to fix the doll. 

63 3–13 "Arthur's Dummy Disaster / Francine and the Feline" April 26, 1999
Arthur's Dummy Disaster: George's new ventriloquist's dummy, Wally, makes him popular and starts a short-lived ventriloquism fad at school. He starts acting less rationally as Wally begins falling apart, because before Wally, nobody noticed him.

Francine and the Feline: Francine's family gets a new cat that Francine renames Nemo after her sister named him Rose Petal. Arthur loves dogs and does not like Nemo, thinking he is trying to threaten Pal. He dislikes Nemo so much that it may end his friendship with Francine. 

64 3–14 "Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight / D.W.'s Perfect Wish" May 24, 1999
Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight: D.W. and Arthur overhear their Mom and Dad arguing and fear that it will split their family for good. It turns out that it was an argument over spilled milk.

D.W.'s Perfect Wish: D.W. is not excited about her fifth birthday as her previous birthdays because according to Emily, after she turns five, she will no longer be a young child. Arthur goes over past events (from previous episodes) with D.W. to cheer her up. This works and she goes on to her birthday party to make a wish. 

65 3–15 "Arthur and D.W. Clean Up / The Long, Dull Winter" May 31, 1999
Arthur and D.W. Clean Up: Arthur and D.W. need to clean their rooms and work together to get things done quicker. However, each is fussy about what stays and what goes and how it all goes together.

The Long, Dull Winter: Arthur and his friends are feeling different, but can not put a finger on it. They eventually realize that they have not had a holiday in a while, so they make several attempts in making a new one. The episode references "A Charlie Brown Christmas" as "The Kid who got Clothes for Christmas". 

Season 4Edit

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Title Original airdate
66 4-1 "D.W.'s Library Card / Arthur's Big Hit" September 6, 1999
D.W.'s Library Card : D.W. learns about the responsibilities of having a library card and a library book.

Arthur's Big Hit: Arthur punches D.W. for tossing his model airplane (that he worked so hard on) out the window, but everybody just shows sympathy for her, since she's just a little girl. Worse, when The Tough Customers hear about this, they dare Binky to hit Arthur the next time he sees him... Note: This episode was rated TV-Y7 for Arthur punching D.W. The last episodes having the TV-Y7 rating are "Arthur's Underwear" and "Attack of the Turbo Tibble Twins". 

67 4-2 "Hide and Snake / Muffy's New Best Friend" September 13, 1999
Hide and Snake: Arthur and his friends find a snake in the woods and decide to keep it in a box in Arthur's room without unveiling to his parents. The snake gets loose and Arthur and his friends are worried when they can not remember if it was a venomous coral snake (Micrurus) or the similarly-colored, but harmless kingsnake (Lampropeltis triangulum).

Muffy's New Best Friend: Muffy and Francine are best friends, but Muffy doesn't like soccer and Francine doesn't like shopping. After Francine and Jenna discover that both of them like soccer, Muffy searches for a new best friend who likes what she likes. 

68 4-3 "Buster's Breathless / The Fright Stuff" September 20, 1999
Buster's Breathless: When D.W. has a brush with poison ivy, Buster tells a story about how he once got asthma. When Buster learns he has asthma, his friends start treating him differently, thinking that Buster needed special attention. Buster educates his friends by doing a science project about asthma.

The Fright Stuff: Muffy and Francine play several pranks on Arthur, Buster, Binky, and the Brain and invite them to a party at a haunted house. The boys decide to get vengeance on the girls at the party while Muffy and Francine are ready with another prank. They call off all pranks when they discover a real ghost. 

69 4-4 "The Contest / Prove It!" September 27, 1999
The Contest: Buster is entering the TV Schedule Magazine's contest for writing an episode for the Andy and Company Show. His friends decide to participate in the contest too with their stories styled like South Park (Buster), Beavis and Butt-head (Muffy), Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist (Arthur), the WWF (Francine and Binky), and Dexter's Laboratory (Brain) amongst other things. Five years later (they are now 13), the results are finally in and the gang is shocked when they find out a girl from Canadian, Oklahoma named Holly Holland has won.*

Prove It!: D.W. becomes a scientist after she watches an episode of Nova (ironic considering Nova and Arthur are on PBS and produced by WGBH Boston). When Arthur won't take her along to the Exploratorium, a hands-on science museum, she makes her own Exploratorium with false elucidations of real-life occurrences, such as why the sky is blue, or what the formula for water stands for. She challenges Arthur and the Brain to "prove it" when they say she is wrong, only to have to take her to the Exploratorium.

  •  Note: The idea for this episode was made up by Holly Holland. Also the 5 stories you see are stories made up by kids who entered a real life contest to give ideas for the characters' ideas on the show. 
70 4-5 "The Blizzard / The Rat Who Came to Dinner" October 4, 1999
The Blizzard: A blizzard hits Elwood City, causing the townspeople to stay in the Read household, the only house that has power.

The Rat Who Came to Dinner: After his roof is damaged by snow, Mr. Ratburn stays at Arthur's house. Arthur is petrified that it will be non-stop homework and teaching, only to find out Mr. Ratburn is more fun than he thought. However, at school, his friends start calling him a teacher's pet. 

71 4-6 "D.W. Tale Spins / Prunella Gets It Twice" October 11, 1999
D.W. Tale Spins: Arthur and Buster are into the Vegemorphs series which they think is better than the Scare-Your-Pants-Off-Books. D.W. says she can tell a better story than the Vegemorphs to which Arthur disagrees. She retells the Odyssey to prove him wrong. Note: "Vegemorphs" is a parody of the Animorphs book series. Also, there is such thing as the Vegemorphs spoof series in the real world; it is published by the Troll book company.

Prunella Gets It Twice: Prunella gets two Polly Locket dolls and dismisses the second one, which was from Francine. Later, Prunella thinks that Francine spoiled the party by not joining in on the festivities. That night, The Ghost of Presents Past takes her through time to clear things up in a way similar to A Christmas Carol

72 4-7 "Binky Barnes, Wingman! / To Beat or Not to Beat" October 18, 1999
Binky Barnes, Wingman!: Binky is doing a project on butterflies and becomes obsessed with catching "Big Blue", a rare blue butterfly. He eventually manages to catch "Big Blue" but lets every butterfly go when he is horrified by how butterflies are kept in museum collections.

To Beat or Not to Beat: When Francine enters the talent show, her friends try to tell her she is horrible when she sings and drums at the same time, even though she is a good drummer. After she hears a recording of herself, she realizes her friends had been right, but at the talent show, she surprises them without her drum set as she sings very well. 

73 4-8 "1001 Dads / Prunella's Prediction" October 25, 1999
1001 Dads: The Father's Day picnic at Elwood City is approaching and Arthur and his friends come up with an idea to find a substitute dad for Buster's dad who is a pilot and often away, but they don't please Buster.

Prunella's Prediction: Prunella wants flashpants and her sister, Rubella, predicts that she is getting them for her birthday, only to be disappointed by a watch instead. Meanwhile, Arthur is afraid of being teased when wearing his dad's old Mr. Puffy jacket because he has outgrown his old winter coat. Together, Prunella and Arthur realize that they do not have to hide because of what they wear. 

74 4-9 "What is That Thing? / Buster's Best Behavior" November 1, 1999
What is That Thing?: Arthur and his friends separately find the same metal bobbin but do not know its use. It happens to fit exactly what they need at the moment it appears. They argue over it and find out that it's Mr. Ratburn's bobbin and learn what it is at his puppet show.

Buster's Best Behavior: Buster is funny but wants to be good at something else, and Arthur wants to be funny like Buster, resulting in them acting like each other. This annoys their friends and they realize that they are fine the way they are. 

75 4-10 "My Music Rules / That's a Baby Show!" November 8, 1999
My Music Rules: The Elwood City Library is looking for a musician to perform for the children's show later in the week. D.W. first suggests that they find the writer of "Crazy Bus", her favorite song. Arthur and his friends are immediately annoyed, so they choose to find a musician. Francine's father suggests that they hire Joshua Redman, who is Francine's uncle and a musician who can play anything. But then Grandma Thora takes D.W to a concert, and she decided the person she wants is Yo-Yo Ma. Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman guest star as themselves.

That's a Baby Show!: Arthur keeps reiterating to D.W. about Mary Moo-Cow because he thinks it's a baby show, but she tells him that the real baby show is The Love Ducks. While just on the midst of changing the channel, Arthur watches an episode and becomes hooked on it! He tries to hide it from his friends, which is not easy, because it clashes with Dark Bunny, the show which they are all hooked on, and always talking about. When they find out initially, they tease Arthur for it. In the end, however, they all admit they like The Love Ducks

Season 5Edit

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Title Original airdate
76 5-1 "Arthur and the Big Riddle / Double Dare" September 4, 2000
Arthur and the Big Riddle: Arthur goes on the TV game show Riddle Quest against a really smart contestant. In the final round, Arthur must decide between winning and his friends. Alex Trebek guest stars as Riddle Quest host Alex Lebek.

Double Dare: Arthur, Buster, Francine, and the Brain resent the large amount of homework they are assigned, especially because the Dark Bunny special is airing, which culminates in a large number of dares issued to skip school. However, the next morning, Arthur and Buster calls everyone and they all agree to call off the plot because of guilt (personified by a giant clam from the special). Francine fails to receive the message and carries on with the dare. 

77 5-2 "Kids are from Earth, Parents are from Pluto / Nerves of Steal" September 11, 2000
Kids Are from Earth, Parents Are from Pluto: Lakewood Elementary is having a school open house and Arthur and his friends are embarrassed by how their parents will act judging from the previous year's open house. This prompts Sue Ellen to ask her parents to act more "normal" but this enrages her later.

Nerves of Steal: Buster wants a Cybertoy — the latest fad — but they are too expensive, so while he is at the store he slips one into Arthur's backpack without him noticing. He feels guilty later, so he and Arthur try to return it without getting into trouble. 

78 5-3 "It's a No-Brainer / The Shore Thing" September 18, 2000
It's a No-Brainer: Buster beats the Brain at a class Math-a-thon, so the Brain gives up on his studies and Buster must represent the class. Buster realizes that he cannot represent the class and comes up with several plans to turn the Brain back to the way he is.

The Shore Thing: Arthur, Buster, Binky, Sue Ellen, and the Brain are excited that Arthur's dad is going to take them to the amusement park Aqualand. Although disappointed that they are brought to the beach, Arthur's dad tells them about Ocean Zone and leaves them to find it. They have fun at the beach and realize that the beach is Ocean Zone. 

79 5-4 "The World Record / The Cave" September 25, 2000
The World Record: Arthur and his friends attempt to break a world record by making the world's largest pizza.

The Cave: Arthur and his classmates take a field trip to some caves in Palisades Park. Arthur is afraid of going into the caves, but inside, he is not the one that is spooked the most. He uses what his dad told him and gets everyone out of the cave calmly. 

80 5-5 "The Lousy Week / You Are Arthur" October 2, 2000
The Lousy Week: When Muffy gets head lice, she is nervous about how her friends will feel. However, it ends up spreading to everyone at school, forcing the students and staff to be checked everyday and instead of doing homework, are forced to stay up late and have their parents take out nits from their hair.

You Are Arthur: Arthur is training for and running a 3k race, and the viewers can see what happens through Arthur's point of view. 

81 5-6 "The Election / Francine Goes to War" October 9, 2000
The Election: Mr. Ratburn's class holds a mock class election. Muffy takes the candidacy for class president seriously and a competitive campaign against Arthur ensues. However, they both lose to the dark horse Binky and learn about elections and campaigning in the process.

Francine Goes to War: Being annoyed by her new neighbor, Francine tries to get her to move by setting traps to scare her. This does not work and Francine makes a new friend as she gets to know her neighbor. 

82 5-7 "Sleep No More / Pet Peeved" October 16, 2000
Sleep No More: Buster believes it is his destiny to go to Paula's Pizzaland and win the pizza-eating contest to win free pizza for life. While he is there, he goes back to the hotel room to sleep early for the pizza contest, except he cannot fall asleep.

Pet Peeved: Francine pays Binky to look after Nemo for the weekend, but he does not take a look at her written instructions. When Nemo acts strangely at the mention of Francine, Binky keeps him away from her, thinking she is a bad owner. The tables are turned as Francine points out his mistake. 

83 5-8 "The Last of Mary Moo Cow / Bitzi's Beau" October 23, 2000
The Last of Mary Moo Cow: When D.W.'s favorite show, Mary Moo Cow, is cancelled, she starts a petition to try to get her show back on the air and visits the studio of channel 12 where Mary Moo Cow was filmed. In the end, Arthur's favorite show Dark Bunny gets cancelled to air reruns of Mary Moo Cow.

Bitzi's Beau: Buster's mom, Bitzi, has a boyfriend, and Buster is nervous to meet him. 

84 5-9 "Just Desserts / The Big Dig" October 30, 2000
Just Desserts: Arthur has a stomachache after eating too many sweets, and has dreams involving fairy tales made famous by the Brothers Grimm.

The Big Dig: Arthur and D.W. don't want to spend time with Grandpa Dave because all he does is play checkers and sleep. He tells them about a buried family treasure from their pirate ancestor "Blacktooth". The two do not want to wait up for him, so they take the map and look for the treasure themselves. It turned out that it was a story by Grandpa Dave, and the treasure was their Great-Great-Great-Uncle Mathew's nautical compass. 

85 5-10 "Arthur's Family Feud / Muffy Gets Mature" November 6, 2000
Arthur's Family Feud: As punishment for destroying Dad's soufflé, Arthur and D.W. both explain their sides of the story and ultimately attempt to bake a soufflé to compensate for the one they destroyed. With Dad's help, they succeed.

Muffy Gets Mature: Muffy hangs out with Francine's sister, Catherine, because Francine is not mature enough. Catherine's friends do not receive Muffy well and ridicule her because she usesMature Miss magazine as her guide for acting mature. 

Season 6Edit

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Title Original air date
86 1 "Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked / Best of the Nest" September 24, 2001
Sue Ellen Gets Her Goose Cooked: Sue Ellen and her friends constantly lose against "Fourhand451" on an internet game, Virtual Goose. When she finds herself obsessed with winning against that player, she makes a promise to herself not to play for a week. D.W. then beats "Fourhand451" after finding the game is "Confuse the Goose". The user turns out to be Emily and Marie-Helene at the end.

Best of the Nest: Arthur and his friends stop playing Virtual Goose, due to the fact that D.W. always wins, and move onto Virtual Goose v5.0, a six-player multiplayer game where only one will come out victorious. Brain loses, questions the game's knowledge of science and is challenged as to whether or not he could survive out in the wild, so he starts a camping trip. However, his friends, and even Mr. Ratburn, seem more interested in the internet.

87 2 "Arthur Plays the Blues / Buster's Sweet Success" October 1, 2001
Arthur Plays the Blues: Arthur gets a strict new piano teacher, Dr. Fugue. When Arthur fails to practice sufficiently, Dr. Fugue fires Arthur. Wanting to be rehired, Arthur begins practicing the piece he was supposed to practice.

Buster's Sweet Success: Buster is fundraising for the school band by selling chocolates, but after having trouble selling them, he ends up eating some of them. Since he doesn't have the money to pay for them he opts to make chocolates, but after people demanded refunds, a joke store owner gets Buster's chocolates to be joke chocolates.

88 3 "Prunella's Special Edition / The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies" October 8, 2001
Prunella's Special Edition: Prunella is excited to get her new monogrammed limited edition Henry Skreever book in the mail, but finds that it is in braille. When Prunella goes to the library to get the book with words, she meets and makes friends with a blind girl named Marina, who is looking for the same book in braille.

The Secret Life of Dogs and Babies: Kate and Pal can understand each other, but older people like the rest of the Read family can not. When Mr. Read can'tt find the figurine that goes on top of the wedding cake he made (which D.W. has mistaken for one of her delicate toys), Kate and Pal work together to get the figurine on top of the cake before the cake gets shipped to the wedding.

89 4 "Muffy's Soccer Shocker / Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?" October 15, 2001
Muffy's Soccer Shocker: Ed Crosswire, is the new soccer coach and has the team do drills named after car parts. Muffy is not enjoying it since he is tougher on her and even makes her goalie. The team doubts Mr. Crosswire's coaching methods until they finally catch up in a game.

Brother Can You Spare a Clarinet?: The Young Person's Orchestra is going to hold tryouts at Lakewood Elementary. Everyone in the band thinks Binky is the best. However, since Binky can't perform well with his malfunctioning clarinet and does not have money to buy a new one, he starts a scheme with the rest of the Tough Customers to get rid of music by using a megaphone and said clarinet.

90 5 "The Boy Who Cried Comet! / Arthur and Los Vecinos" October 22, 2001
The Boy Who Cried Comet!: Buster thinks he has seen a UFO, but no one believes him because he has said he has seen one too many times. He borrows Muffy's telescope and finds a comet headed for earth. No one believes him, but this time he has proof. They discover that the telescope is malfunctioning because of a missing piece for it. The episode ends with Arthur and his friends unmasking themselves, showing them as aliens.

Arthur and Los Vecinos: A new family moves in next to the Reads after their neighbor, Mr. Sipple, moves away. The Reads get to know the Molinas and discover how similar they are.

91 6 "Citizen Frensky / D.W.'s Backpack Mishap" October 29, 2001
Citizen Frensky: Francine creates her own newspaper after shadowing Buster's mom at work and taking a front page picture. Francine takes potentially embarrassing photos and publishes them out of context with embarrassing captions.

D.W.'s Backpack Mishap: D.W. accidentally grabs the wrong backpack when it starts to rain at the public outdoor pool. She goes in search of the mysterious "_OM__ ___BLE" who she believes is a backpack thief in a zeppelin. She uses objects from the backpack (i.e. a pair of pan pipes, a clay Eiffel Tower, a Great Wall snowglobe.) and concludes that "_OM__ ___BLE" wears the pipes to hide his sharp pointy teeth, and lives in a snowy section of China (the wall in the snowglobe). It turns out that the mysterious "_OM__ ___BLE" is none other than Tommy Tibble with his trinkets. Emily then goes to D.W. to find her beret and "Dry Clean Only".

92 7 "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds / More!" November 5, 2001
The Boy with His Head in the Clouds: George has dyslexia and does not want anyone to think he is dumb. He takes Binky to be his mentor to teach him to be more hard-headed so no one will tease him, but realizes he was not meant for being tough. When he discovers his dyslexic problems, he tries to finish his reading project.

More!: D.W. is obsessed with everything being equalized, but she is excited to be getting an allowance, but is upset once she learns that Emily and the Tibbles have already been getting an allowance and have more money. When she fails to get a bigger allowance, she tries to get a law passed for all kids to get the same allowance, but after seeing Arthur and his friends argue over who has more allowance, she pretends that she gets more allowances than they do since they don't know how much she gets.

93 8 "Rhyme for Your Life / For Whom the Bell Tolls" November 12, 2001
Rhyme for Your Life: Binky is trying to write a rhyming poem for his mom's birthday, but he can't think of the right words. When he falls asleep he finds himself in a dream where it is a crime not to rhyme. He wakes up and as soon as he gives the reason why his card is blank, he begins rhyming.

For Whom the Bell Tolls: Arthur is overjoyed that D.W. lost her voice, with Francine telling him he's mean, but is not so excited when he has to do what she wants him to do, especially when he has to be a translator. When he discovers that D.W. is better but continues faking, he gets his friends to come up with a plan to expose her fib by making her think she's deaf.

94 9 "The Good Sport / Crushed" November 19, 2001
The Good SportMichelle Kwan is presenting the Athlete of the Year Award, but Francine is upset when the award goes to Jenna. Francine rubs in the fact that she thinks she should deserve it by giving Jenna attention she does not want. Michelle Kwan guest stars as herself.

Crushed: Arthur has a crush on his new babysitter, Sally McGill. He is devastated when he discovers that she has a boyfriend. He tries to avoid her by going to Buster's only to find that she is there to babysit Buster.

95 10 "Arthur Loses His Marbles / Friday the 13th" November 26, 2001
Arthur Loses His Marbles: Muffy's new marbles prompt Arthur and his friends to start playing in a marbles tournament. Arthur gets trained by Grandma Thora, but when he discovers that he has to compete against Grandma Thora in the marbles tournament, he plays poorly on purpose, but Grandma Thora forfeits when she finds out what is happening.

Friday the 13th: Brain does not believe in superstitions and goes on to try to prove his hypothesis by doing things superstitiously believed to bring bad luck, like walking under a ladder. Counter to his hypothesis, a streak of bad luck strikes.

Season 7