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Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music FestivalArthur's BabyArthur's Birthday
Arthur's Chicken PoxArthur's Cousin CatastropheArthur's Dummy Disaster
Arthur's EyesArthur's Family VacationArthur's Faraway Friend
Arthur's First SleepoverArthur's KneeArthur's Lost Dog
Arthur's Lost Library BookArthur's Lucky PencilArthur's Mystery Envelope
Arthur's New PuppyArthur's New Year's EveArthur's Pet Business
Arthur's Spelling TrubbleArthur's Substitute Teacher TroubleArthur's TV-Free Week
Arthur's ToothArthur's Treasure HuntArthur's Underwear
Arthur, World's Greatest GleeperArthur Accused!Arthur Babysits
Arthur Bounces BackArthur Chapter BooksArthur Cleans Up
Arthur Goes CrosswireArthur Goes to CampArthur Makes a Movie
Arthur Makes the TeamArthur Meets Mister RogersArthur Read
Arthur Rides the BandwagonArthur Writes a StoryArthur and D.W. Clean Up
Arthur and the Crunch Cereal ContestArthur and the Real Mr. RatburnArthur and the Square Dance
Arthur and the True FrancineArthur the LoserArthur the Unfunny
Arthur the WreckerArthur vs. the PianoArthur vs. the Very Mean Crossing Guard
Attack of the Turbo TibblesAunt BonnieAunt Lucy
Background BluesBaileyBarne's House
Baxter's CondoBear LakeBilly and Bobby
Binky Barnes, Art ExpertBinky RulesBitzi Baxter
Bully for BinkyBuster's BackBuster's Dino Dilemma
Buster's GrandmotherBuster's Growing GrudgeBuster's New Friend
Buster BaxterBuster Baxter, Cat SaverBuster Hits the Books
Buster Makes the GradeBuster and the DaredevilsCamp Horse Water
Camp MeadowcroakCatherine FrenskyClarissa is Cracked
Coach BumpusCoach GrimslidCommunity Garden
CoraCouncilor BeckyCousin George
Crosswire MansionCrosswire MotorsD.W.'s Baby
D.W.'s BlankieD.W.'s Deer FriendD.W.'s Imaginary Friend
D.W.'s Name GameD.W.'s Perfect WishD.W.'s Snow Mystery
D.W.'s Very Bad MoodD.W., All Fired UpD.W. All Wet
D.W. Blows the WhistleD.W. FlipsD.W. Gets Lost
D.W. Goes to WashingtonD.W. ReadD.W. Rides Again
D.W. Thinks BigD.W. Tricks the Tooth FairyD.W. the Copycat
D.W. the Picky EaterDad's Dessert DilemmaDattilo's House
David L. ReadDeegan's HouseDouble Tibble Trouble
Dr. IrisDraw!Ed Crosswire
EdwinEdwin "Ed" BillingsElwood City Dump
Elwood City HospitalElwood City LibraryElwood City Times
EmilyFalafelosophyFern's Slumber Party
Fern WaltersFinders Key-persFlossie
Francine's Bad Hair DayFrancine FrenskyFrancine Frensky, Olympic Rider
Francine Frensky, SuperstarFrancine RedecoratesFrancine and the Feline
Fred RogersFrensky's ApartmentGeorge Lundgren
Go to Your Room, D.W.Grandma Thora Appreciation DayGrandpa Dave
Grandpa Dave's Old Country FarmHelenHerbert Haney
Hills HardwareHow the Cookie CrumblesI'd Rather Read It Myself
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Mr. ElkinMr. HigginsMr. Marco
Mr. PowersMrs. ArmstrongMrs. Bofini
Mrs. GutterMrs. PowersMrs. Tibble
Mrs. TremelloMrs. WoodsMs. Bryan
Ms. FeatherfofferMs. McWordMs. Morgan
Muffy CrosswireMy Club RulesMy Dad, the Garbage Man
Nadine FlumberghastNigel RatburnNight Fright
Norman HedgehogOliver FrenskyOtis
Pagie TurnerPalPatrick
PerkyPhotographerPickles the Clown
Play it Again, D.W.Poor Muffy!Popular Girls
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Ranger RuthRatburn's HouseRattles
Read HouseRevenge of the ChipRichard
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Sarah McGradyScience Museum and ExploratoriumShelley "Binky" Barnes
Sick as a DogSo Long, SpankySpanky
SteveStolen BikeSue Ellen's Little Sister
Sue Ellen's Lost DiarySue Ellen ArmstrongSue Ellen Moves In
Sue Ellen and the BrainasaurousSugar BowlSusy Sipple
Team TroubleTenzin WangduThe Ballad of Buster Baxter
The Big Blow-UpThe Chips are DownThe Half-Baked Sale
The Long, Dull WinterThe Perfect BrotherThe Return of the King
The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club!The Short, Quick SummerThe Tibbles' House
The Tree HouseThora ReadThora Read's House
Toady WartfaceTommy and Timmy TibbleWalter's House
Water and the BrainWestboro ApartmentWhat Scared Sue Ellen?
Wonder World
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