Nigel Ratburn
Mr. Ratburn
is Arthur's third grade teacher. He attended Glenbrook where his passion for learning and teaching was guided by his teacher, Mr. Pryce-Jones. Various running gags involving Mr. Ratburn are of his strictness (implied by Arthur that he literally gives out hundreds of math problems for his students to do), his attempts to use a computer or gadget, and his love for food and dessert. He is a fan of Dave Read's cooking and has invited himself to several catering events. His talents are vast, including skills of a magician, carpenter, and a puppeteer. In "Clarissa is Cracked", he mends Thora's broken doll. He is also knowledgeable about Japanese lutes, like the Biwa. He usually drives a small red convertible but also owns a minivan and canoe. He is a fanatic of the show "Spooky-Poo!", the show's parody of Scooby-Doo!. His character is based on one of Marc Brown's elementary school teachers. Although everyone calls him Mr. Ratburn, his real name is Nigel.